In Islam, The post of the Quazi is most prestigeous and important.
A Quazi should be honest and just, because islam considers an honest and just person as the shadow
of almighty Allah and on the day of judgement he would secure a place just next to almighty Allah.
Every muslims must respect the Quazi. The post of the Quazi started from the time of HAZRAT MUHAMMED (S.A.)
(May Peace be upon him). At that time the Khalifa also held the position of Quazi.
All the important tasks in islam such as construction of Masjids & Madarsas,
Matters related to wakf properties, Annual prayers of EID, Maintainence of Eidgah, Annoucement of the
Moon of EID and regional matters is the duty of a Quazi. From the time of HAZRAT MOHD. SAHIB
a person from sayed family used to hold the post of a Quazi.

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