One of the most renowned family in Jaipur,Rajasthan(INDIA). The Quazi family holds a
special and powerful position among the muslims. Chief Quazi assigned the duty to perform
all the religious and give list to state goverment of muslim holidays in Rajasthan and other
activites of the community. The Office Of Chief Quazi,Rajasthan is responsible for
many important religious works. The Office holds the record of all the Nikah of past
"150 YEARS" ,which is considered as an achievement all over india.

(Late) "Janab Quazi Aqeel Ahmad Usmani" :-

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After waiting for a century the great God(ALLAH) had sent a person in this world
who became a shining star for his community. The name of that brilliant person was
(Late) "Janab Quazi Aqeel Ahmad usmani " the elder son of (Late) "Janab Quazi Tufail Ahmad Usmani"

He was born on 8th August 1929 in the reputed Usmani family. His personality was
the same as his name. 'Aqeel' means full of wisdom and farsighting. He became the
Sixth Chief Qazi of Jaipur,Rajasthan at the only age of 6years after the death of his father.

His struggled his whole life and looked after the welfare of his family members, relatives
and the people of his community. For the good of the poor and needy students. He
Also started free books and coaching classes for R.A.S students.

He was truth loving, honest and sincere. He never boasted of his achievements. He was
polite and helpful to all. He was frank, fearless and outspoken. He had all the qualities of
head and heart. This holy person died on 28th october 2008.

He is living in the hearts of hundreds of people and will live for immernorial ages. His period
was the golden period. He heads the lists of the other Quazies who were his ancestors.
All people speak well of him not only the muslims but the non-muslims also respect him and his values.

"Janab Quazi Khalid Usmani"

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After the Death of (Late)"Janab Quazi Aqeel Ahmad Usmani". His Second Son
"Janab Quazi Khalid Usmani" became the 7th Chief Quazi of,Rajasthan(Jaipur).
He has very dynamic and energetic personality. "Janab Quazi Khalid Usmani"
is that kind of person that people like and want to be like.

Qualification :-

Graduate, Doctorate in Medical Science

Designation :-

1. Chief Quazi Rajasthan(Jaipur),INDIA.

2. Imam, Khatib-E-Eidgah.

3. National President All India Darul Quazat
(A Organisation Of All India Quazies)

Convener :-

1. Central Hilal Committee.

2. All India Minority Active Welfare Association (MAWA).

3. Fight About Human Rights.

Achievements :-

1. All Rajasthan Sadbhawna Yatra-2002.

2. Huge Programme for National Integration-2002
to 2006 continue (Jashn-E-Yome Azadi).

3. All Rajasthan Aman Yatra-2003.
4. Dwar-Se-Desh-Tak (Aman Yatra-2004) All Over India.

5. Humsub Eik Hain (A Programme on National
Integration in Jodhpur-2004 (Rajasthan).

6. Kashmir-Se-Kanya Kumari (Aman Safar in All
Over India-2005).
7. Released a book of Deeniyat Gulshan-E-Deen.

8. Released a book of General Knowledge Of Islam.