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"All India Darul Qazat" (AIDQ) an independent and powerful organisation with members from all over India
cosists the Quazies of about 1000 cities. A QUAZI holds an honorable and important place in muslim community
and he considers most trusted person of the community. This organization has been spread in more then 15 states
of india such as Rajasthan, Gujrat, Mharashtra, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh,
Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Punjab, Kashmir, Haryana, Bihar, West Bengal, Delhi, Uttranchal, etc. It's important to
notice that all the Quazi's has non-political and clear images. Mr. Khalid Usmani

( Chief Quazi, Rajasthan, Jaipur) is the president of this organisation. His genuine personality inspires not only
the muslim's but also non-muslim's. He is well known for communal harmony and patriotism. He visited India
twice on his national communal harmony tour from kashmir to kanyakumari as well as he also visited whole
Rajasthan five times to deliver the message of peace and harmony.

The main aim of "All India Darul Qazat"(AIDQ) is to improve the spoil image of politics and politicians and make
more and more honest and good people to join the politics so that the bad image of politician will improve among
the common men and there will be a feeling of trust between them. To achive this goal "All India Darul Qazat"
(AIDQ) is one of the most effective doorway for you. If you really trust this organization and its presedent please
give support to them.

Our method of working is trustable, secret and successful. If you really think that this organization will help you.
Then contact to The National Presedent of "All India Darul Qazat"(AIDQ).
Quazi Khalid Usmani (Chief Qazi, Rajasthan). You can find out about the character and image of
Quazi Khalid Usmani with CID & VIGILANCE DEPARTMENT. Hope for a bright future and a developed India.